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Things that most of our customers usually would like to know

Frequently Asked, Always Answered


How much does it cost to install an EV charger?

The average cost we see for a residential EV charger install is $850.00.

The average cost we see for commercial EV chargers varies widely based on factors such as geographical area, onsite locations, how many, levels/types, permits, etc.

But here’s an average of what we see:
Level 2 EV charger install average: $2500.00
Level 3 EV charger install average: $15,000.00.

Are there additional fees in the Vehya installation estimates?

There could be additional fees. Here are some of the common fees:

  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • Location of installation is further than estimated by the customer.
  • Digging and trenching required to get to the preferred location.
  • Customer wants wiring hidden, requiring wall and ceiling cutting.

Who installs the EV chargers?

We use licensed and certified electricians to install EV chargers

What does it mean to be “Vehya Certified”?

This means the electricians go through training and a series checks to ensure they will provide quality installation.


Is there a warranty on EV chargers?

Each EV charger manufacturer we carry has a warranty on their products and they vary.

Can I order replacement parts from Vehya?

We provide common replacement parts such as EV connectors and adapters.


Is service covered under EV manufacturers’ warranties?

Service made be covered under warranties if it deemed a manufacturer defect.

What is included the Vehya service plan coverage?

We include the service call and diagnosis at no charge. Priority repair or replacement.

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