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Federal & State Electric Vehicle Tax Credits, Incentives & Rebates

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Charging Station Incentivies
Alabama EVSE Grant

The Alabama Department of Transportation will administer the Electric Transportation Infrastructure Grant Program to distribute grants for EVSE across the state.

Alabama State Commercial EVSE Grant Program

The Electric Transportation Infrastructure Grant Program administered by the Alabama Department of Transportation distribute grants to eligible entities to expand EVSE infrastructure.

Electricity DISCOUNTS
Alabama Power Commercial Charging Rate

Alabama Power offers a Business Electric Vehicle Time-of-Use (BEVT) rate for electricity purchased to charge PEVs fleets.

Alabama Power Residential Charging Rate

Alabama Power offers an optional rate rider for customers with a Plug-in electric vehicle (PEV). The rate rider allows customers to charge their electric vehicle at a discounted rate during off-peak hours.


Up to $1,000*
The U.S. Federal Tax Credit gives individuals %30 off a EV Charger home charging station plus installation costs (up to 1,000$). You must purchase and install the EV Charger by December 2021 ,31 as well as claim the credit on your federal tax return.
Tax credit for the purchase of a new plug-in electric drive motor vehicle. Credit amount depends on the car's battery capacity.
Please note: This information is changing constantly, and do not guarantee any savings on your install.

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