Vehya supports a carbon and climate-neutral future through workforce development. READ MORE

At Vehya workforce development is a key part of our commitment to sustainability.

We are committed to creating 100,000 electrical professionals by 2030. Why is this important?

By the Numbers
There are 140 million homes and 32 million businesses. In the U.S. According to the Fuel Institute 70-80% of EV Charging will occur at home or the office.
All-Electric Future
Wind, solar, and water all converts into electricity in our carbon-neutral future.
Most Valuable Resource
According to there is less than 1 million electricians in the U.S., any many are looking to retire within the next decade. You can see where we are heading with this…
Our Solution
Our solution is simple. Vehya is working with school systems, Adult-Ed programs, and placing young people with experienced electricians to create the workforce needed for a Carbon-neutral, equitable future.

Help Us

If you know someone interested in pursuing a career in the Electrical industry, please have them fill-out the form below.Vehya will direct their information to an electrician waiting for their next apprentice!